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A New Start


“A New Start” is a faith based ministry that began in 2008 and continues to function as a service to inmates, previously incarcerated individuals, their family members, and the homeless.  A New Start’s mission is to facilitate a holistic approach for the well-being of former offenders and their families, ministering to their needs while building them up with trust, hope, confidence for recovery, renewal, and successful reentry into the community.  The following are some of the services that A New Start has provided:

  •   ANEWSTART  health presentations to individuals and former inmates in recovery

  •   Faith based life skills training inside the women’s and men’s minimum security facilities

         (Learning to Live, Inside Out Dad)

  •   Job Readiness training inside and outside the prison system

  •   Transportation for released individuals

  •   One on one mentoring

  •   Family assistance (children of incarcerated parents)

  •   Clothing items for the homeless population and for women inmates for pre and post release needs

  •   Clothing for women in transitional housing

  •   Food items for family members

  •   Toiletries for women inmates

  •   Backpacks filled with basic care items for both homeless men and women

  •   Backpacks filled with essential items for women being released from prison to homelessness

  •   Training and awareness events conducted throughout New England , New York, and South Carolina for      prison ministry and volunteerism

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