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This course shows how to apply Godly principles in the home, workplace, church, jails, prisons, and in the neighborhood. Participants will learn to resolve conflict in a Biblical way. Instead of reacting to disputes in a confused, defensive, or angry manner, participants can learn to manage conflict confidently and constructively.  This material describes the principles required for effectiive conflict management and is designed for small group interaction. The material is also applicable for personal study.


This class help me in a sense, to help me understand God more. Also, it helped me know that we all have our ups and downs in life, but if we put our trust in God, and he will help all of us come together. Thank you–J.C.

I believe that this course helps and will also hopefully alter our course in our life’s challenges, and also others that we encounter on our journey through our life, also keep our minds and bodies in shape through the rest of our time on Earth. Thank you, guys, –Bob J.

The things I’ve learned in this class is how to be a better listener to God. The thing, or should I say the questions, in this book makes me think really hard on my beliefs, because I grew up in church and as I got older church faded out of my life but after this class and the memory refresher it gave me, I will get back to my scripture readings daily. –Anonymous

Really by me coming to this class it really woke me up, and I became more aware of what was going on more in the Bible. As the teacher’s taught the class I started remembering things came back to me from when I went to church on the outside and when I was small. It’s an open class to speak the truth and have fun and learn more about God. –L.D.


This group has given me a new look at life and is a very good guide. It shows us things and gives us tools to work with to get closer to God and to make the right choices in life. I thank God for this group. And I thank God for those who come to do this group as well. –Mike D.

What it means to me: It’s the fact that the teachers of this class opens up to the fact that their lives are no different than ours and we shall make mistakes, but it is what you do in making things right that will be what God is wanting from us as a person…I never seen things like this…Thanks for this class –Daron

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