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The Insight course is one of our most emotional and spiritually intense courses and offers great potential for fast and meaningful growth. It is based on the assumption that all of us have to deal with addictions of some type (substances, behavioral, or relationships) and that the answer lies in turning to God and removing the hindrances that keep us from doing so. Lessons show how people are pulled into destructive behaviors and the process of avoiding and getting out of them.


With this testimony as the chapters go page to page, the first chapter starts with trust, which always has been a problem within my life, but… in taking part of this group I’ve given myself to God in opening my heart to trust and in doing so many of those traps that has kept me stuck has started to be removed from around me to allow me to be free. My feelings has come back… I’m speaking of the ones that I’ve been ashamed of because of being back in prison. Now I’m truly looking forward in being a great father and son and man that my mother brought into this world. That’s where much of removing my defensive wall and isolating myself has come into play… The very thing that got me into my addiction and not being a father, son symptoms, when seeing this word. I think of being sick, and my sickness was my addiction. For this moment I’m clean and not sick. I’m due to be released this November of 2018 and, I know by the strength of God, I will get this symptom of addiction far away from me, just as long as I stay true to myself and God. I’m sure I will end up on top and receive the same in the free world Thank you! –Daron P.

I was once a man of pride, came from a good home, U.S. Navy honorable discharged and then everything went downhill in 2008 where as a young man I committed my first crime at 21 being from the great state of Texas and being out on my own for the first time was kinda difficult being I didn’t know what to do without my family and 10 years later I’m still paying for my mistake but now that I’m older and have experienced a little bit of life I feel more confident and comfortable in my faith that I can be able to do anything I put my mind to it as long as I keep God first and stay prayed up. –E.A.

I’ve been incarcerated for 5 years and since I’ve been incarcerated a lot has happened, like my kids growing up, my wife leaving me, you know, all different things. But one day I sat here and asked God for forgiveness for all of my wrong doings, and I asked him is there any way that me and my family would be back together and for some reason I got a letter that day from my wife saying she was sorry for leaving me and she wanted to get back with me. So, with that said automatically I thought to myself there is a God. At first my beliefs were a little on the other side but that day just made me believe for some reason. God bless –Jeffrey C.

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