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The Anger Dynamics book addresses personal anger in a gentle and progressive way. It starts with dealing with personal anger and ends with helping others and becoming a peacemaker. Group members learn to solve their own problems through numerous discussion exercises. They learn to share and benefit from the experiences and thoughts of their peers. They discover that their situations are not unique, that anger is complex, and find much better ways of handling difficult situations.


I believe taking the time out to understand God’s word and his plan for one will allow you to look at another way of dealing with one’s anger and renewing a better relationship with those you may have hurt or may have a misunderstanding with. This is what I got out of this class. Thank you - Daron

I really appreciate you guys taking the time out to come and help us and teach us about the Bible and the ways it shows us how to control our anger. I never knew that anger was such a “big” issue as it is expressed in the Bible. A great learning experience. –Anonymous

I thank and appreciate the time you teachers took out of your own lives to come week after week up here and teach us in the name of the Lord's ways to overcome our anger and our inner spirit. May God bless both of you. Thank you once again…Sincerely –Rashaad D.

I want to thank you for this class, it helped me reflect myself, helped me notice I need a lot of help and God in my life to help me with my problems. I noticed when I stop believing in God I become angry, I was miserable like I lost the light I had as a child. So again, I want to thank this class for opening my eyes. –Walter R.

Thank you for everything you have teach us and everything you have share with us. You and Alvin have opened my eyes to new ways in dealing with my anger and also has given me the knowledge I need to understand the Bible. Thank you for everything. Happy holidays and God bless. –Louis B.

Thank you for The Learning to Live program without it I would be a lot worse off but being this is a God based program it helps me out with different problems that come in one’s life. God bless. –Cesar C.

I just forgot it, but I don’t know, the Lord is all right and helpful. I tell you what, I don’t really know what I mean, the Lord is everything, and the Lord is all might and grace, and just remember you all I have to wait for the Lord is all merciful.

Andres M.

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