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Free to Grow covers several areas in real life describing where we need to “grow up”, both socially and spiritually. We do this by eliminating the hindrances of life that hold us back. The 12-session format allows a sufficient time period for participants to get to know the facilitator and open up and share the lesson material. This program covers “unmasked faces”, forgiveness, boundaries, childishness, and freedom. Our lives are shaped by our experiences in early life. In the healing process, we believe it is vital that Christ be the center of our life and that we build relationships with people who we can trust and care about us.


This class is so good to me, I thank God for Learning to Live. I love the people that come and teach the class they are great God is good. I love Jesus and Learning to Live. God bless Learning to Live. Matthew 5:16 - “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven” and Learning to Live does that. –J.J.

I like the open discussion, all instructors were able to share the verses of the Bible and interpret the meaning to us in today’s language, sharing their testimonies honestly & openly. Thank you very much God is my pilot! –Jamar H.

Taking this class was meaningful I always grew up in the church so I’m familiar with the Lord’s word it’s good to get reminded about how important the Lord is and what’s really happening in the world cause the TV, movies, music distracts us from the truth which is the Word! –Montrell

By taking this class it opened my eyes to things that I shut down because by being incarcerated I shut off feelings so I could cope with the life that I had to deal with. I know it is unfair for me to do that because my kids are more to me than a night of pleasure. So thank you for the time you took out of your life to help with my thinking. God bless and thanks again for everything. –Jay S.

I have been in and out of prison since I was a teenager and taken many of their programs but this one gives me hope for change and a better beginning. “52 year old inmate”–Anonymous 

My future is bright because God is shining His light on me. I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart and soul.–Anonymous

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