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Clothing and other supplies were donated to an agency that assists mothers in recovery who were former inmates

Donated  Socks.jpg

Socks were given to the men's prison for the men being released to homelessness.


Winter Coat Drive.jpg

It has been such a tremendous blessing to participate in the clothing ministry. To witness the dedication of so many individuals who provided many quality women's and children's clothes, men's winter coats, socks, belts, underwear, gloves. One women from a Connecticut church litterly filled my car with men's winter coats that were brought to the prison. Same thing happened with our dear departed Sister Betty (prison volunteer) who's van was loaded with donated men's coats. My office at work was filled with coats donated by co-workers. To know that men and women are released from prison, in the dead of winter, with the clothes on their backs that they had on when they were incarcerated in warm weather was such a motivational force for so many people who heard of their plight. We found that the prison staff, including some correctional officer's hearts went out to the men and women released into the cold. I will never forget the cold winter night I was standing outside the prison waiting for my wife to pick me up. There was a young women who was standing there without a winter coat. She was obviously very cold! When my wife pulled up we happened to have donated women's coats in the trunk. The girl picked one out and when she put the coat on, her expression was like she was held in the arms of Jesus!     Charlie

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