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Coping with the Losses of Life involves handling losses of any type. Loss includes relationships, job, home, freedom, health, addiction, or death. Group members realistically come to terms with their own disappointments and losses, often for the first time. They see how easy it is to get stuck when issues are not properly dealt with in a healthy way and learn the steps of recovery. Thoroughly field-tested, numerous class worksheets are provided for maximum discussion and application.


I want to thank you for the chance to be in the class. I used to be a very strong believer in the Lord but somewhere in my life I lost faith, I gave up. But now you opened my eyes and heart and showed me there is only one path I should be taking and that’s with the Lord, for me, my son, my family, for today, tomorrow and my future. -Walter

I want to thank you for a great class. I learn so much about myself and things I’m going through. I thank God for someone like you who help people like me keep our faith strong in this Lord time. Thank you, God bless. –Louis

I think this class was great it made me know more about God and what he lives for and means a lot. Thanks –O.H.

Great class, very very informative. Teacher was patient and took his time to make sure we understood each lesson. Thank you –Calvin

Being in the class made me realize I don’t know the Bible and I want to do more reading so I can learn more about living the right way. –Brian

I believe in my heart that this class has made me very close to the Lord. Now I pray and accept the Lord into my life. This class has helped me in many ways and the instructors were very good at what they do. I thank you for them.–Michael

The class is very good, it helps me to deal better with my loss and grief, it also has helped me to see more positive and instructs me in my spiritual life. –Anonymous

I think that this class helped me to cope with the loss of my father and for the longest time I always felt like it was my fault because I felt there was something I could do to prevent it and now I don’t feel that it was my fault as if that burden was lifted of my shoulders.–Anonymous

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